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Tournament schedule

Tournament schedule

Prize fund — 1 775 000 $

02.09.2023 (Saturday)

HearthStone BattleGrounds

Prize fund: 15 000 rubles

Start at 13:00 moscow time

03.09.2023 (Sunday)

CS:GO 2×2 — AIM Far East

Prize fund: 30 000 rubles

Start at 08:00 moscow time

04.09.2023 (Monday)

CS:GO MIX — 1×1, 2×2

Prize fund: 1 210 000 rubles

Start at 12:00 moscow time

09.09.2023 (Saturday)


Prize fund: 75 000 rubles

Start at 13:00 moscow time

“AXE” Colizeum is the first Esport academy in Russia with offline training

You have an opportunity to train with the best coachers close to home – at Colizeum clubs in Moscow and the Moscow region.

The main aim of our project is to help each player and team achieve their goals in cybersport.

Personal training

  • Your own playing style generation
  • Mental training
  • Personal training program
  • Help in achieving goals
  • Professional thinking generation
  • Raising Micro/Marco skills
  • Consultation with a trainer outside the class
  • Help with team selection
  • Development of game understanding skills

Group training

  • Training for tournaments
  • Tactics training
  • Developing teamwork skills
  • Forming-up a positional play at marco and micro level
  • Clear division of roles within the team
  • Game analysis of professional teams
  • Working with each player
  • Consultation in real-time mode

Practising trainers

Our coaches are professional players who have the necessary knowledge, extensive experience and achievements in the field of eSports.

Dota 2
League Of Legends

More disciplines are to be added in the near future!

The lesson cost includes

  • Playing time at the club
  • Seat in the club
  • Online consultation with the coach before and after the class
  • Session with the coach